Tuesday, 16 February 2010

More racing woo hoo

Life has been busy again here. we had a few lovely weeks where mum was off work and able to spend lots of time with us. Sadly mum and dad ae both back to work now so mum hasn't had time to let you know what we are upto.

This weekend was more husky racing at Culbin. We had a great weekend there was a really great atmosphere with everyone pitching in to help handle dogs at start and finish lines. Me and dad had a great racing weekend we finished in first place on Saturday finally beating the guy we have come second to for most of the season! Mum was dead proud of me and dad :-) Sunday we finished in second place beaten by another really fit man with very long legs heheh. Mum said he scooted like the bionic man and that I did well to only be 30 seconds slower with my rather unfit dad running with me hehehehe.

Mum had a run around the trail after the race on Sunday with me and a friend and thoroughly enjoyed herself even though she got very muddy and broke a nail hehehehe.

Sadly we only have one more race left for this season :-( Then it is back to showing for me with the big Crufts show coming soon.

Look out for a big announcement tomorrow :-)


  1. What a BLAST!!!!
    I"d love to come running with you!

  2. I love the furst pikh of woo planning your 'fun'!


  3. Wooos! What great photos! We will be impatiently waiting for the announcement.....Good luck at Crufts, we will be watching via the internet!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful