Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Recent shows

Sorry haven't been around much lately, life has been fairly busy here! I have been keeping mum and dad on their toes with lots of naughtiest while I am in season hehehe.

Last weekend was the big Darlington Championship show. It was a long journey from here so we set off Friday morning. Skye stayed at home (she likes the break from me). Mum arranged to meet up with an old friend for dinner on the Friday night (they lost their dog this week and her son really wanted a doggie cuddle). We went to the parents of mum's friend first as mum hadn't seen them in 15 years. I got lots and lots of cuddles and fuss there. Then we went to a pub/hotel for dinner. As there was me and a child they gave us a room of our own in the back to have dinner in. The staff and customers gave me lots of lovely cuddles and mum came to the conclusion that she is definitely sticking to dogs and avoiding kids :-)

Our B & B had lots of intersting animals, 2 cats which mum had to chase before getting me out the car and lots of sheep and horses. Mum kept a firm hold of the lead and wouldn't let me chase any of them :-(

Saturday was the morning of the show and I didn't feel too well, my tummy made weird noises but mum thought all was ok as my poos were solid.

It was a bit boring for mas as being in season meant I had to stay in my crate and mum only got me out a couple of times for a quick wee. She notices I wasn't very lively and mentioned it to my breeder who said if mum had any Paracetamol to give me half one. No one had any :-(

My breeder took me in the ring as mum has learned that all showing is politics and the better known the face is the more likely a dog is to get a place. Mum and dad hid from me while Kevin took me in the ring :-( I really wasn't in the mood for showing. I stood nicely for my breeder Kevin but really had no enthusiasm for trotting round the ring, ears where back, head down and I had to drag my poor legs.

This was my first go in the Open Class (the one the top dogs are usually in), it was a big class for sibes 18 bitches. The judge got rid of 9 of them and that left us in the final line up for the judge to choose from. I didn't get placed this time but I did make mum's day by being in that line up when the bitch of a lady she really doesn't like much got binned hehehe. My breeder was really proud of me he said to mum that she should be over the moon that we made the line up. I was the youngest in that class up against champions/bitches with some CC's and my breeder said that considering how poorly and out of sorts I was (had none of my usual attitude and sparkle) that it was a great result.

We didn't stay to watch the rest of the show mum felt bad that she had't realised just how bad I was feeling (it's tough being a woman and being in season) so she wanted to start the journey home and get me some Paracetamol.

The journey home seemed forever, I slept most of the way but during the last leg I was fed up of being sore and in the back alone and cried. Mum was unusually soft and let me out my crate to sit on her knee. I dedided to cheet myself up by making her as uncomfortable as possible and trying to balance by digging my claws in her hahahahahah.

I am fine now was back to my usual bouncy self on Sunday and causing mayhem.

Apologies for not posting on everyone's blogs mum has been busy being preoccupied with her new car and also busy as she has started evening photography classes.

Going to be a busy period coming up we have a show this Saturday and then we start training in earnest for my first racing season. Also mum is on tenterhooks waiting to find out if one of my breeder's bitches is pregnant with my next sister!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

The week that didn't go to plan

Well this weekend I was meant to go and stay with my breeder. They were going to take me to a big show in London and mum hoped I would learn some manners having to live with their pack. Well I had different plans. I decided to come into season and my breeders bitches are all in season too. It was decided putting me with the other bitches would have resulted in World war 3 so he plan had been for me to stay in their house with mum's favourite boy of theirs Zak. As I was naughty and came into season there was no way I could stay with him so I am not going to my breeders or my big show :-(

I am now under house arrest until my season is over :-(

Mum is grumpy too she was meant to go to Aberdeen to have her hair done but we have had some big floods here so she couldn't go. She did however go and take a few pictures in black and white as practice for her new college course.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Good news about Terra the missing husky

Have had news that Terra has been found is at the vets for a check up will let you all know hos she is when I hear more. Thanks for all the positive thoughts for her sure her owner is over the moon.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Lost Husky

A fellow scottish husky has gone missing. Here is the link to her on Doglost please forward it to any contacts you have in the UK thanks sothat we can help this dog find her way back home.