Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Life with Stormy

Well Stormy has now been here just over a week. He is starting to settle in nicely now (well I think he is kinda slowly learning that I am boss).

He suffers badly with separation anxiety and is quite nervous due to being abused and moved around a lot. He howled a lot in the kennel last week when mum and dad were at work. One of our neighbours came and upset mum and dad pretty much saying he would have to go because she and the other neighbours refused to put up with the noise. Dad told her he was new and needed to be given time to settle. He also spoke to the other neighbours who said it was not a problem to them as long as mum and dad were helping deal with it so that it isn't a permanent thing.

Me and Stormy had a few fights when he tried to be top dog above me and when he didn't take my tellings or stole my place next to mum and dad. He is slowly getting the hang of how things work around here.

Mum took him to the groomers at the weekend as he still smelled a bit, poor boy was nervous and just peed himself the whole time. She also spent weekend feeding him and playing with him in our kennel to try and make him feel happy there.

This week has been a lot better he is not crying as much and we are getting on better. I am in season so am teasing him a lot and mum thinks that might have a lot to do with his crying! We have played together a lot this week so Talia is jealous (she doesn't understand I need a boy at the moment). Last night the angry neighbour shouted at dad again. She admitted that the noise was less this week but said she wasn't putting up with it and Stormy had to go! Mum and dad are furious especially as she even admitted that the noise was improving. Mum spoke to some other neighbours who said it was better and just to ignore the other lady. Wat upsets mum is this lady has 4 rescue dogs so should understand that Stormy will take a little time to adjust.

Anyway enjoy pics of us playing and it is race time again this weekend woo hoooo.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Meet Stormy

Hi I am the newest addition to the Kohoutek clan. My new mum and dad were pondering one last addition after doing the Aviemore race with my new sister Kayla. They decided she needed a partner who was at least as enthusiastic about running with her even if they couldn't quite keep up her. They were thinking about possibly getting another puppy but saw me on The Scottish Husky Club Website.

I am four years old and was looking for a new home. My first owner was abusive to me :-( A nice couple rescued me but found that I was a bit too destructive and didn't fit in with their lifestyle so they handed me in to welfare and asked them to find me a good home.

I stayed with a foster cared for assessment, I have seperation anxiety and am a bit noisy. He noticed I pulled and screamed a lot on the lead so thought I might like to run in harness. I am also good at opening doors, fridges, stealing food and destroying things.I love running and can't wait to do more of it and become fitter.

My foster carer found me a pet home but sadly my new owner only kept me for 9 hours :-( I stole his roast chicken dinner, destroyed a few things and cried a lot :-(

My new mum thought I sounded adorable and told welfare she would be interested in meeting me. It took a while to arrange transport but last weekend a lady kindly brought me up to meet my new family.

I was a bit nervous but my new mum was was really nice and put me at ease. I met my new girlfriends. Kayla was a bit mean to start off with but all the girls seemed to like me. We went camping in a caravan due to mum and dad racing Kayla. It was great fun meeting new dogs and people and on Saturday dad took me for a run with Kayla after the race and on Sunday mum did the same (I am honoured as she is a bit nervous about running).

I have been a bit of a naughty boy this week opening doors, trying to steal food and I objected to sleeping in a crate so I destroyed it and sneaked into the kitchen to try and steal some more food :p I am a bit unsure about being in the kennel while mum and dad go to work and cry a bit annoying the neighbours but in spite of all this my new family love me and have decided to offer me a permanent home as they think that with some love and training I will be a great boy :-)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

More racing woo hoo

Life has been busy again here. we had a few lovely weeks where mum was off work and able to spend lots of time with us. Sadly mum and dad ae both back to work now so mum hasn't had time to let you know what we are upto.

This weekend was more husky racing at Culbin. We had a great weekend there was a really great atmosphere with everyone pitching in to help handle dogs at start and finish lines. Me and dad had a great racing weekend we finished in first place on Saturday finally beating the guy we have come second to for most of the season! Mum was dead proud of me and dad :-) Sunday we finished in second place beaten by another really fit man with very long legs heheh. Mum said he scooted like the bionic man and that I did well to only be 30 seconds slower with my rather unfit dad running with me hehehehe.

Mum had a run around the trail after the race on Sunday with me and a friend and thoroughly enjoyed herself even though she got very muddy and broke a nail hehehehe.

Sadly we only have one more race left for this season :-( Then it is back to showing for me with the big Crufts show coming soon.

Look out for a big announcement tomorrow :-)