Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Talia news

Kayla has very kindly decided to let me tell you some news about me before we get back to talking about her again.
The weekend starting 15 January were my first proper trips into the outside world and what a busy weekend it was! On the Friday there was a photo shoot at dad's RAF base for some articles in local newspapers about our dad and some friends entering the big Aviemore Sled Dog Race.

The photographers and PR lady all thought I was adorable so I got to be in some of the pictures too. Mum didn't take pictures so here are some links to some of the articles (not all made it online as well as in the printed papers).


We were also in 2 of the other local papers the Northern Scot and the Forres Gazette.

On the afternoon mum and dad took us up the high street for me to have practice walking somewhere noisy and being approached and touched by strangers. I loved all the cuddles I got from people :-)

Saturday was more sled training for Kayla, I hung out and bossed all the dogs around hehehe.

On Sunday I got to be the centre of attention. BBC Countryfile were up in Aviemore filming a story on the Aviemore race and sled dogs. They were looking for sled dog puppies and I went to represent Siberian Huskies. Oh what fun I had I met malamute, Eskimo Dog and Samoyed puppies and had a play with them. I was the cutest and youngest pup there so me and mum had our photo taken with Matt Baker one of the presenters for one of the newspapers.


I really enjoyed being a TV star and having everyone fuss over me but in true husky style I made as much mischief as possible heheheh.


  1. That is sooooo furry khool!

    Mom and I kept thinking of woo evFURRYtime we saw the Aviemore stories pop up on our emails or other blogs!

    Woo are famous!


    It is furry nice of Kayla to let woo paw this post!


  2. How exciting! Congratulations!

  3. Wow, you had quite the adventure, didn't you?

    And you are just so beautiful too!!

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  4. Woo - fame as a puppy. I am sure none of this is going to your furry brain.