Sunday, 18 October 2009

Perthshire Open Show

Sorry haven't been on in a while its been busy here! My last show was the Perthshire Canine Club Open Show on 26 September. It was held at Perth Racecourse which was a lovely venue and it was a glorious sunny day.

Unfortunately it was another case of me being the wrong kind of dog at that show. The ones who got placed were all much more skinny racing type than me. I was also a bit naughty as I was just out of my season and still a bit grumpy and sore. I was happy for the judge to look at my teeth and feel my front end but no way was he touching my rear end. I was dancing like a spinning top mum was so embarrassed heheheheeh.

Never mind was a lovely day and we had a lovely scenic drive back via Braemar which was very nice according to mum.

My breeder and their dogs went to the Belfast Champ show on the same day and they all had a great day taking most of the Sibe placings. Mum has decided that for next year she is going to sit down with our breeder and look at all the shows and who is judging them. She wants to be more organised and even if it means traveling further choose the judges who like my type of husky. This year was all about seeing if racing type judges would like me and although a couple did mum now knows that its not really worth going to shows with racing husky judges.

We only really have 2 shows left for the year now Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland and the Scottish Husky Club Open show. Winter is going to be all about learning to race :-)

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