Sunday, 18 October 2009

New friends and other news

Mum has found us some new friends to play with and also to train with for the races when they get their rig.

For our first meeting we went for a walk with Little Skye my usual playmate and Kano and Meika our new friends down at Roseisle Beach and Forest. Mum didn't take the camera as she decided that she wanted to concentrate on making sure the day and meeting went well. We had a good couple of hour walk to get to know each other than had an hour play while the humans chatted more. Kano was the only boy and at first he wasn't interested in any of us but towards the end he realised we were all girls and was much more interested hahaha.

Big Skye took a real liking to him she gave him lots of kisses and was keen to play with him we thought it was the start of a beautiful relationship but he reuined it by trying to hump her. She isn't quite sure what to make of him now hahaha. Me I was flashing my bits saying come and get me ahahah. We all got on well with Kano, Meika didn't play much she is a bit grumpy a lot liek Skye used to be. Little Skye wasn't sure what to make of it at all she is not used to being around so many dogs so she was a bit quiet. At one point Big Skye managed to get me on my back (I am usually boss) so Little Skye joined in and jumped on me while Kano supervised. Mum said the look on my face was hilarious, I was so not amused I am boss and will get them all back.

Last weekend we all met up again to have a bit of a training run. Our new friends haven't yet got their rig so they attached Kano and Meika to a bike, Little Skye won't run she prefers to lie down in the grass on her scooter so they put her next to me on my scooter to learn the ropes. The men drove to the training point in the van while us women and Kano had a 20 min walk.

Our first run was me and Little Skye and Meika and Kano (big Skye sat this one out) it was great fun having someone to race against, we were flying and the humans got very muddy hahaha. Meika is quite lazy like Big Skye and doesn't pull so we swapped partners. They put Kano on my scooter with me and Meika and Little Skye on the bike. me and Kano had a little tiff first of all as we both wanted to be boss. After that we were fine and we had a lovely run together, mum says we made a really good team :-)

After that we went to our new friends house to play as they have a lovely big garden. me and Kano had a bit of a fight over a plastic bottle (well it smelled of dad so he wasn't having it) but mum pulled us apart. Just after that Skye and Meika had a big fight, poor Skye got bitten quite bad (she had to go to vet next day as it got infected and she is still feeling a bit sorry for herself). After that Meika was kept away from the rest of us who all had a lovely play together. Kano and Meika are both rescue huskies and have not been with their owners long. Kano is a lover and ladies man and Meika seems a bit unsure of herself. She is a lot like Skye was when she was younger in that she seems quite nervous of other dogs so can be a bit agressive. Hopefully she will chill out and learn to like us.

Yesterday we all met up again, no playing or running though :-( Yesterday we were doing a bit to help sled dogs who are not as lucky as us. A local DIY garden centre opened its Santa's grotto this week. They allow Sled Dog Welfare to have a lot of hug a husky events leading up to Christmas to raise money. Some of our other friends did the first 2 hours and then we came along for the next 2 hours.

Mum was a bit nervous that I would be naughty and try and play with Little Skye all the time or that we would all fall out. However she ended up being very proud of us all, I did try a couple of times to sneak up to Little Skye for a play but obeyed mum when I was told off. We spent a couple of hours having lots of people come to pet, cuddle us and ask questions. Mum was so proud that I behaved so well, I was really gentle with toddlers (she was nervous as I have not been around really young children and she was worried i might be a bit boisterous and jumpy and scare them) and gave them gentle kisses and cuddles. If any children were a little bit unsure of us we sat nice and wagged our tails and smiled till they let us kiss them. Big Skye was really funny she kept woo wooing and talking to people. A few were a little nervous of that so mum explained we don't really bark so we woo woo and make talkative growls. People always think growling is agression so mum explained that it is how we chat and that she has whole conversatiosn with us.

Little Skye and Kano were a little bit naughty hehe. Kano went into the winter wonderland and saw a moving model and kept barking and pawing at it, he is so silly hehehe. Him and Little Skye decided they wanted to investigate the shop more and dragged their owners round the shop to look at tinsel and toys hahahaha.

We had a family come over with an old lady in a wheelchair who asked if she could pet us and have photos taken with us. Me and Skye gave her lots of kisses and cuddles she thought we were lovely, we didn't behave quite as well for photos in true Sibe style we kept turning the wrong way hehehehehehehe.

By the time our shift was coming to an end we were all worn out. It is really hard this cuddling everyone work. We all lay down and tried really hard to keep our eyes open. Mum is really so proud of me and wishes all those people that labelled me a horrid vicious dog could have seen me yesterday being nice and patient with people and being very gentle and cuddly.

Now for some news which mum thinks is really exciting (hmm I am not so sure) our breeder's bitch is pregnant to mum's favourite boy of theirs and she is due to give birth next week. So in a few weeks there should be a new addition to our pack :-)


  1. Always great to find new friends. And a puppy to be to boot!

  2. What fun you've had AND will be having!

    Tank woo fur sharing it with us!

    PeeEssWoo: I wasn't outside when Mom was watching The Khytty Cirkhus! I was on the porch watching ALL of them!

  3. Wowzers! It sounds like a blast! I love making new friends!
    Do you know the Dughallmor Beagles? They go on cool adventures at Roseisle Beach, too! I don't think they're into pulling sleds (ha roo roo roo!) but they do some great exploring! Do you read their blog?
    Play bows,

  4. Yeah I used to go to dog class with the Dughallmor Beagles :-) ot been on a playdate with them I am sure we could create lots of mischief together with them :)

  5. We'll have to get together one day at Roseisle, it's getting quieter now!
    We'd probably teach you some bad habits though...aaarrooo!