Sunday, 26 July 2009

Leeds Champ Show

Wow what a long weekend! 9 hour journey to our hotel on Saturday, it was very humid and hot even with the fan we blagged from reception so no one got much sleep.

The weather on Sunday the day of our showing was predictably British and rainy although still humid. The morning showing of male dogs ended up in the wet weather tent. This was not ideal for us sibes as the ring was very very small which meant none of the boys could move properly. My little brother took a 3rd in his class, his mum was disappointed and felt that had he been outside he would have done better. Our wet weather ring was by the Rottweilers and one with an attitude problem kept unsettling the sibes :-(

Luckily the weather improved as the morning went on so the last few classes for the boys were outside. Mum deserted me and Skye to go and watch her favourite boy Zak in the ring (she keeps threatening to swap me for him. My breeder Kevin had volunteered to handle me for the day to give mum a break from the stress and to let her see how lovely I look in the ring. It was a bit odd having someone else try and tell me what to do and when we were practicing I kept running to mum with my best smile in the hope she would take me back. Kevin told her that when I went into the ring she would have to go away so that I couldn't see her.

This was my first go in the adult classes now that I am too old for junior so I was in Postgraduate bitch. I was in a very naughty mood today I wasn't interested in the bag of treats mum had prepared for me (everyone elses looked so much better). I stood nicely and ran round the ring in a reasonably well behaved manner but I decided that no way on earth was the judge running her hands over me today so I decided to have a nice sit down :p

In spite of that the judge still gave me first please so mum and breeder were pleased with that. My breeder suggested mum find some more interesting treats so she stole some liver and some salmon treats from some other owners for my next trip in the ring. After a while it was back int the ring to compete with all the other winning bitches. I decided the liver and salmon were boring too and spat them out in the ring too. Sadly the judge didn't give me first prize on my second trip in the ring but mum was chuffed with me as I did the best out of the day of the dogs bred by my breeder.

We are all tired now as we got in late last night after our 9 hour drive back home and mum is grumpy because she has to go to work!


  1. Well, well done! Bet you were really tired after all that travelling. Where are you off to next? Good weekend for the club all round by the sounds of it. Marny got best dog at Highland with Sam. Karen and her brood did well. Erica got BOB and G4 with her beagles too. Moray got a second in Golden Ret grad. Plenty of rosettes flying about. See you soon. XXXX

  2. Sounds like a good day. And sounds like you were being very Siberian! We respect that.

  3. I would have pawed WOO!

    But then again, I'm partial to pretty brown eyed girrls!

    PeeEssWoo: I'm sure woo ofFURed to nap fur your mum!

  4. Well done. Iwas wondering where you got the suit from till I read what you had to say!!!

  5. Way to go! You look really great out there!
    Play bows,

  6. Congrats on your first place. No fun trying to be good when it is hot and humid. You look very beautiful to us.

    woos, the OP Pack

  7. YAY Kayla! It's good to be a little sassy sometimes. Nothing wrong with protesting inadequate treats!!

    WOOOOO woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe