Monday, 6 July 2009

Busy weekend

Well it was all go here over the weekend. Saturday involved a trip to the vets woo hoo I dragged mum in there I love visiting Donald the owner. I have a little patch on my leg where I lost some fur and mum was being neurotic wanting it checked out. As soon as we got there I squealed and squealed at the door for Donald to come and get me. The door opened and no Donald, some woman was there! I was most upset at this and decided I would be as awkward as possible when she tried to look at my leg. Eventually mum made me give in but I made sure the vet knew that I was not happy that Donald was not there. Good news was though my leg was nothing to worry about. Mum and dad asked if they could way Skye (or Jabba as she is known). She has been on a very strict diet. Mum says she has always been a chunky dog and always struggled with her weight but since she was neutered she turned into a big pudding (tee hee hee). She has lost 2kg in weight so she got lots of cuddles from mum and dad (grrrr I hate it when she gets more attention than me).

After the vets we got a quick walk in the woods (not long as it was sooooo hot) then mum and dad went to pick new flooring for the water damaged bits of out house (weeee new floors to skid on, can't wait). Then mum and dad did lots of cleaning (I helped by throwing my toys all over the floor)as we had people coming to stay.

After the cleaning dad lit the barbecue mmmmmm my favourite smell. Son after mum's best friend from home and her partner came which meant lots of cuddles and new people to play with. As they were new people me and Skye looked at them as cute as can be till they gave us barbecue titbits (mum growled at us for that).

Sunday the visitors wanted to go out and about and hopefully see some dolphins. We went to Lochness first to see the monster but sadly he didn't come out to play. We stopped for ice cream and then we went off to Fort George to see if we could catch the dolphins. Much to the visitors dismay they were nowhere to be seen. I impressed dad with my jumping skills, I was measuring up the Fort wall and he said there was no way I could jump up onto it. Guess who had to prove him wrong :p

The visitors have gone now so less people to adore us :-( Mum also keeps muttering to me that I will be getting another sister in the not too distant future, not sure I like the idea of someone else taking cuddles away from me hmmmph.

Oh mum wants me to give a public service announcement as she is a bit upset with some people. She met them a while ago when we were visiting the pet shop. They had a husky who had come from Cyprus with them when they moved. They were wanting a friend for him so mum suggested they join the local breed club forum. Well they joined there and first thing they asked was did anyone have any wolf grey pups with blue eyes for sale, this didn't go down well in the world of serious husky breeders. Mum thought people judged them harshly and stuck up for them. Anyway they got the pup they wanted. However they have now gone to the breed club asking if someone wants both dogs as they don't want them anymore :-( Mum would love to be able to take them but ther eisn't enough room here and as Skye has issues with other dogs it wouldn't be fair to her to bring other adult dogs here. Mum is sad and angry and wants to remind people that 1) if they are looking at a husky as a pet to please please do lots of research and make sure that they are the breed for you 2) Make sure you are prepared to make a lifetime commitment, we are not toys to be got rid of if you suddenly decide to change some aspect of your life.


  1. Amen on your PSA. Our humans are always astounded that anyone wanted to give any of us up!

  2. Please tank your mum fur the PSA...

    We are not toys...we rekhwire work and dedikhation!

    Tank woo fur sharing your big weekend!


  3. Lovely photos.I am sure you had fun despite not seeing dolphins, they are fun to see, but hard to catch.
    Good job with the public service announcement, too bad the people who need to read it are not ones who read blogs like ours. It makes Mum most upset.
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. WOO Kayla. Glad to hear your leg is OK.

    As for the humans, we are so sad that there are so many bad ones. We hope their huskies were able to find a new furever home with good people.

    WOOOOO woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe

  5. You are both so beautiful!!! And we are SO in agreement with your Mom's PSA!!!

    woos, the OP Pack

  6. Great PSA by your mom!
    And I'll bet the Loch Ness monster was there but afraid of you. Probably hiding. Yep, that's it.
    Play bows,

  7. Couldn't agree more with your mum kayla. When any animal comes into our house they stay here until rainbow bridge. Sam and I have had a few health problems but Mum and Dad says we're going no where. Mum says she has a brilliant cream for sore baldy bits. She says that but it stinks and Sam and I hate it. My coat has come back great though and it stops me licking at it. No wonder it honks that much I would be sick if I licked that. Mum says to email her if you need details. Its herbal. Mum and Dad had talked about me getting a little sister but have decided not just now. Whew!!! I want to be top dog for a while longer. They got rabbits instead. Fun watching them but Sam and I aren't allowed to play. Not fair. See you soon.
    Love Whisper xxxx