Sunday, 19 July 2009

Companion Dog show

We went along to a companion dog show today so that dad could have a go,mum has done all my training and does all the showing but as I am getting sister in a few months mum says dad needs to learn too. Mum suggested dad just free stood me as my critique from my last champ show said that mum was over standing me and I didn't look right. It was also a chance for grumpy Skye (she isn't suitable to show because of her injuries)to go into some of the fun classes and my friend Little Skye came too as my mum is trying to persuade her owner to show her.

Much to mum's annoyance we were all very playful and naughty but she couldn't be too annoyed as grumpy Skye had changed into happy Skye, it was actually a rare event in that she initiated the play (usually she just scowls and grumbles while me and Little Skye go mental). She was also very very naughty and slipped her collar and went for a little run around the ring and around the spectators. Mum was in a panic (as us huskies are never ever allowed off lead)but luckily after a few grinning laps of honour Skye came back. (Mum says there is a lesson here that when you have a dog on a diet you should check and tighten the collar often).

First in the ring was Little Skye, she is very pretty but very naughty. She is used to being on a harness so she misbehaves when a lead is put on her collar and she has not yet learned to stand pretty or to trot nicely yet. She did get some rosettes for being pretty though and mum is nagging her owner to practice with her.

Next up was my go. Dad was nervous as he has never been in the ring and didn't want to look silly "mincing" round the ring. First class was Any Variety Working or Gundog and I got first place in that wooo hooo. Dad was very chuffed for his first go and mum was pleased with my first go of freestanding. We also entered Any Variety Open and I got a 2nd place in that one so a good day for dad's first try.

Skye had a go in Prettiest Bitch and Dog The Judge Would Most Like to go home, she is very nervous of other dogs and doesn't like people feeling her back and stuff so it was brave of her to go in the ring. No rosettes for her but mum was pleased that she didn't get scared of any other dogs and she enjoyed having a prance in the ring.

Afterwards we went for a quick run on our scooter, i saw a huge muddy puddle and got nice and dirty in that hahahh (much more fun than being a clean show dog) mum and dad were not too pleased and refused my muddy husky kisses.


  1. "Playful" and "naughty"? Nah. "Playful" over-rules "naughty" and makes everyone DELIGHTFUL! Ha roooooo!
    Tail wags,

  2. WOOOO! That sounds like so much fun, especially the getting loose and running around to be admired part, . Your shows sound so much different than ours, It would be interesting to compare. Do you show just conformation or do you also do agility or obedience showing?
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  3. We just do confirmation. I would love a go at agility but to do that at the classes mum used to go to you had to do 3 obedience awards before being allowed to train. Our obedience here is sit and stays, not greeding food, waiting at gates etc. Mum decided doing obedience with me wasn't really worth it lol.

    Todays show was a fun one. Companion shows have a mixture of "pedigree" classes and then novelty ones like prettiest eyes, waggiest tail etc. They are meant to be fun rather than deadly serious like the proper confirmation shows.

    Skye is in disgrace after her escape!

    Mum is curious as to confirmation showing in the USA. Over here we are starting to see a great variation of "type in the ring. Skye is what we perceive as American show style she has short legs (too short to race) and is very stocky.
    I come from Anadyr racing lines on my sires side but mum comes from show lines. Therefore I have quite a racy athletic, slim body but have a pretty feminine head and longer coat.
    Here our breed ranges from the short, stocky show type, to mid height slim show type and then there are the sprint racy type ones. Long long legs and very skinny. There is a great deal of debate over whether there should be a split in our breed here and I have heard a lot of Alaskan breeders will no longer sell to the UK as they think we are ruining the breed.

  4. Did woo hearing me laughing from akhross The Pond?

    Well done woo two!


  5. Slipping collars and finding mud puddles - what could be more Siberian like!

  6. Oh we so agree with what the AO4 had to say. Glad you had a chance to be pretty and win and then go have some sibe fun and get muddy.

    Woos, the OP Pack