Sunday, 14 June 2009

Beach playdate

Well yesterday Kayla got an afternoon out at the beach with a husky friend. She really doesn't get much opportunity to play with other dogs. Her big sister Skye is kinda grumpy and doesn't play with her and because Kayla is so dominant and doesn't understand how to greet other dogs appropriately she doesn't get to play with many strange dogs.

However "little" Skye is a couple of months younger than her and they have had a few playdates since they were both wee babies. Last time "little" Skye visited Kayla was very dominant as Skye was visiting her home so we decided a neutral venue may result in Kayle being less of a bossy bitch.

The play date was a success Kayla was a dominant bossy cow for 10 mins before remembering that she likes little Skye and having a good few hours of play on the beach with her. Even grumpy old Skye joined in a bit (poor little Skye has tried many times to make friends with her without any luck). There was much tangling of leads and owners landing on their backside in the sand but a good day was had by all and the girls slept like logs when we got home.

Congratulations to Little Skye who had her first go at showing at Keith Companion show today with her mum Shiree and got a 2nd, 3rd and 4th placing.


  1. Tank woo fur sharing the fun times!

    I would love to play and romp and run and hip chekhk and repeat as necessary!

    Khongrats on the finishes as well!


  2. That looked so much fun. Skye looked quite nice.xx

  3. What a fun playdate!!! We have the same trouble here for Thunder - he is only three but his brother and sister are 10 1/2 and almost 12 and they are just not interested in his style of playing:(

    Woos, the OP Pack

  4. It looks like you all had good fun. Hope the rear ends aren't too sore from ending up on them. At least you had a soft landing on the sand.

  5. That looks like a blast! I'd love to play with you; I don't care at all about "dominance issues"!
    Play bows,