Saturday, 27 June 2009

Saturday Summer Fun

The terrible twosome had a fun day today :-) We took them along to what we thought was a companion show but was actually a pet parade kind of thing. We had been going to put both girls in as with Kayla being the showdog and racing dog they don't have many fun things together. Sadly a friend (thanks Esme) informed us that as Kayla qualified for next years Crufts if anyone reported her being in a non kennel club endorsed event she might be prevented from entering Crufts. Yet another ridiculous example of Kennel Club stupidity if that is a correnct fact but we thought better safe than sorry.

Anyway it gave Skye a chance to be the main attraction and get the attention for a change, of course Princess Kayla was not amused with this and you can see her displeasure on some of the pictures of her :-)

The main pleasure of the day was that I realised Kayla is actually fine with other dogs. I have mentioned before that she is very dominant and a lot of the experiences I have with non husky owners have made me feel that I have a "bad"dog in terms of her interaction with other dogs. We had actually bumped into our dog groomer earlier in the week with her 2 huskies. Kayla was her usual vocal lunging self but then watching her body language I became a little puzzled. She would do the the jumping in lunging and yowelling at the dogs but then she turned away and sat facing away from them which I believe is meant to be quite a calming signal of their intentions. Our groomer said that maybe we think she is worse than she actually is because it is not often she gets to interact with other huskies. The dogs we generally meet are any breed other than husky and usually the result is Kayla appears quite dominant (and they interpret it as agressive scowl or comment to us then run off with their dogs.

Anyway today she surprised us again. She played nicely with a wee terrier, still laughing Esme at him giving her a right telling off, she really did not know what to make of that lol. We then bumped into some friends who had 2 of their huskies out, we were not sure how it could go with hanging out in a pack as Skye has nervous aggression issues with her past and as I have mentioned before Kayla can be very dominant. Well both girls had a blast. Kayla was actually very submissive to the boys oh and a complete slut too. She really has the morals of an alley cat hahah. After the parade she met up with the rest of our friend's pack and had more husky play fun and I think she picked a special boyfriend out of the pack :p (well he was special today but she is quite fickle haha). Even grumpy old Skye was in playful mood, more with Kayla than the other dogs and she decided that she doesn't like her old boyfriend Copper any more lol.

We decided it would be nice for us all to go to lunch in Lossiemouth. Our friends dogs could stay in their nice cool van but our babies couldn't stay in our hot car in the sunshine. There is a nice pub in Lossiemouth the Skerry Brae Inn which serves food and lets us take the girls in with us :-) So we had a lovely lunch and a cheeky drink and the girls who were tired just lay down nicely.

After lunch we took all the dogs for a quick play on the beach. the adults all got wetter than the dogs as we all took our shoes off and paddled while all the dogs decided swimming was not for them. Skye and Kayla can both swim but decided that the waves at the beach were certainly not fun to go more than ankle deep in lol. Never mid they had a splash and a play and finished exhausting themselves.

We decided to finish the evening by getting the barbecue out - much to the girls delight as they know that means we will let them have a rare treat by having some of the leftover meat.

Anyway pics today are of Skye in the ring (and Kayla complaining) and then them relaxing while dad did the manly barbecuing. No pics of the dog play or paddling in the beach as mam decided she didn't want to risk her expensive camera getting ruined in the melee.

So today's lesson was my youngest baby is not a problem dog it is just the ignorance of non husky owners who don't understand husky behavior. I am going to stop feeling guilty when I walk her and smile sweetly at ignorant dog owners who scowl disapprovingly at my "vicious" dog.


  1. HA!

    It must go with the letter "K"

    I mean, look at my huzzyness!

    Tank woo fur the furry interesting post!

    AND fur the pikhs of your beaWOOOOties!


  2. We Sibes have a language all of our own! There are a lot of dogs here who mistake our playing and vocalizing as aggressive -- and we are anything BUT!
    Tail wags,

  3. WOO! My sister is named Kayla too. Looks like woo are a lot smarter than her, though!!

    So that's my story, Maebe

  4. oooh another Kayla is she naughty too :p

  5. Hi Britny

    We laughed all the way home about Kayla and Brodie. He dominates my goldies and size doesn't matter he's the boss. He is 10 now and I think my two give in because of this easier than they would a younger dog. Kayla was the best behaved there yesterday and she looked beautiful. How did Skye do? Wish it had been a proper companion show as it was a beautiful day and a great crowd. As you know I had been warned by someone very up on these matters but if I'm wrong can someone let me know. See you around forres again sometime. Thanks for the fun. Esmé, Sam, Whisper and Brodie (the wolf in a cairn terrier clothing)

  6. Wooo! Sounds like you had fun anyway. I am glad you figured out that she is not aggressive, just vocal. I wish all humans understood us.
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  7. yes, we agree. Sibes play so differently from other dogs. We find that ours have always done best with pups of their own breed. Thanks for sharing your day, lovely photos too.

    Woos, the OP Pack