Sunday, 31 May 2009

Banff Moray and Nairn Canine Club Open Show

Another good day for Kayla 1st in Post Grad bitch, best of breed and third in the working group. Was a very hot day not ideal for Kayla who was a bit grumpy and not at her best. Huskies really suffer in the heat.

A few positives and negatives met some lovely new people, also found some ignorant they didn't move their dogs from Kayla when they tried to play or when they were bothering Kayla who being very dominant can be very grumpy when dogs repeatedly invade her space. I guess I need to learn to be more assertive with people and ask them to move their dogs away but I don't like causing offense to people. I also had one lady who really really upset me. Due to space constraints I had to crate Kayla along with my other dog Skye until some of the classes finished and people left freeing up space to put up my second crate. Skye has had a very bad life, I am her 3rd owner and as a baby she was savaged and almost killed by a Japanese Akita. As a result of this she is nervous around dogs and Kayla being the way she is can be a bit much for her at times. They had a little disagreement in the crate which I sorted quickly with a squoosh of water and a telling off and they soon settled. However one lady decided to come up to me and tell me that due to new Kennel Club rules since the BBC tv programme I could find myself reported for having having dangerous dogs and removed from the show! I looked at her in disbelief and said they had a minor disagreement they are settled now and huskies are generally rough with each other anyway! She said didn't matter people could have found their actions (20 seconds of growelling) upsetting and that would be it I would be done for having dangerous dogs! I have never heard such rubbish in my life. I did read the kennel club rules when I got home and presume she was referring to the following

It simply is not acceptable that a dog displays aggression in competition. If your dog growls, or otherwise shows aggression, the judge will immediately exclude the dog from the ring, and from further competition. It is of paramount importance that your dog has an entirely stable temperament when attending any canine event.

Now can anyone introduce me to a dog that has never taken a dislike to another or been a bit grumpy? Kayla has always behaved well at previous shows but I find it worrying that having a grump with her sister could cause her to be thrown out of a show and a lot of huskies have varying growls that are them chatting. Skye makes lots of talkative growls you can have entire conversations with her, she only ever howls or grumbles away to you she never barks. I also find it annoying that other people's ignorance in letting their dogs continually annoy a dog rather than allowing the dog its space could lead to this rule perhaps being used. To be honest I saw many dogs on the day grumble at other dogs they met and I see that as entirely normal and not a display of agression!

To be honest I am becoming more and more upset at the ignorance displayed against huskies. They are very different from other breeds theier posture is very dominant they tend to greet other dogs chest puffed out head and tail proudly upwards. They are very vocal and playful along with this. People often misinterpret this as viciousness. Now Kayla is very dominant as Skye is a weak dog so she has never been put in her place by her and most dogs we meet unless they are fairly submissive result in Kayla trying to be boss. Unfortunately most times other owners run off with their dogs immediately and never let us work through it (of course Kayla always thinks she has won when the other dog is hurried off and it just makes her more exciteable when meeting the next dog) Generally with a telling off and reintroduction of the other dog Kayla generally just ends up playing happily! Thankfully I chatted to another husky breeder at the show who assured me that Kayla was just expressing her dominance and once she meets a dog that knocks her on her ass and gives her a telling and she will calm down. In the meantime I work hard on her manners and read her body language so that if I can see she is going to meet inappropriately I will keep her out of the way of the other dog. I just wish other people would prevent their dogs invading Kayla's space and have the courtesy to not allow their dog to continually wind mine up!
This has made me seriously wonder whether to stick to champ shows and large open shows where there is more space and seemingly more experienced dog owners, where we have not encountered this before.


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  2. Well done yesterday Britny. We've been on the receiving end of "well meaning" people before and it hurts when it happens. One said our Sam should be put down or re-homed for bad behaviour and that was a judge! Show them how wrong they are and keep up the winning streak. Hope to see you soon.


  3. While I have never shown my Kira in breed (she is a rescue) she has shown in Obedience trials, and many people here have become concerned about her puffing up and growling, even in training classes, other dog owners have become upset over her growling, I try to explain she is play growling, but they never understand.She is the only Husky here in our club and they think she is just aggressive.I can only hope that in time others will understand the breed better, and blogs like this will help.

  4. Hi Britney

    Well doen on your wins on sat.
    Having terriers I can relate to what you are saying! What we do is never allow our dogs to sniff others or play even at the training clubs.Terriers are very unpredictable. I always ask people to move their dogs away from mine and most do! There will always be one person who assumes they know more than you and the best thing is to humour them. I have been in dogs for years or even as some one recently inform me since the ice age. It does worry me the amount of people who allow their dogs to sniff or even play with others at shows or training. Any dog can get fed up with the crowds.

  5. Hey Britny! Well done for Kayla's success on Saturday :D Don't lose heart with the showing, you know your dogs better than anyone else and you obviously know your breed. There will always be busy-bodies who think they know it all! Our crate was crowded on Saturday too, surrounded by people, kids, other wonder they get a bit fractious! At a match recently someone balanced his coffee on my crate which Gabbi then nosed and it spilled all over them....he didn't even have the courtesy to apologise, or even tell me!
    I have started a new club website and put some photos on from the show, it hasn't gone live yet as Jenny and I are still working on it but if you'd like to contribute to it just drop me a line at my usual email. I'll put the address etc on the notice board at training on Monday and put a link on my blog too once we publish.
    Nicky x

  6. PS....glad to see some of our Husky buddies are visiting you....Kira's Mom Pamela is lovely :o)

  7. yes its nice to be finding all these other husky people :-)