Sunday, 17 May 2009


Well what a weekend. It was off to the groomers on Saturday and Kayla came home looking stunning, however her and Skye were grumbley all night. Eventually it erupted into full scale war and Kayla was left with bleeding scabby paws that she would not let me clean up :-( As if that was not enough dad decided to drop the sauce for our dinner over her, I began to think the show would be cursed.

We arrived at SKC at 8.30 am (in somewhat of a coma after being up at 3am) and bumped straight into our breeder. We got to meet her wee sister Falon who was recently returned to the breeder by her owners who had obviously not been truly prepared for a husky. She is a pretty wee thing but so different from Kayla.

It was a long wait for the junior bitch class as judging was slow. We decided that as it was a husky breeder judge and a large class of 12 for us that even being placed would be fantastic! Kayla really hasn't been herself this week, she has been really subdued and whiny. On the first runs around the ring she was great and she behaved nicely while the judge went over her (bit worried as the vet had his hand up her ass earlier in the week so was not sure if she would be skittish). Then came our triangle which she did lovely but then came the twice up and down and she just did not want to trot and nooby show mum did not know what to do other than drag her. At that point I thought that's it we will be binned (she gave us another chance to trot and again Kayla was not having it).

In what for me was a shock Kayla got the first place :-) When we got back to our breeder and other people we know I got helpful advice for Kayla behaving like that in the future, breeder said I didn't have to run her in the same place, if she didn't like that spot just move her a few feet over and more often than not that does the trick. Another lady said it may have been that as we had boxers in the ring next to us and they throw their treats that it may have been stray treats distracting her (that actually may fit because I think she did pick something up just before the trot and now I think of it was gagging a bit).

For me it was great to be get that win under a breed specialist and as apparently she generally likes racy types we know that she should fair ok under them and her last win was under an allrounder so we know know she it pretty enough although athletic build to win them over.
Her breeder is over the moon with her and has asked how we might feel about them taking her for a week or two after our next champ show and they will take her to Richmond and maybe some others that are too far for us to try and get her some more placings. I think that would be great for her as their dogs stand beautifully so they can iron some of the kinks out for me and will do her good to be shown by someone less nervous and inexperienced :-)
I will post piccies tonight as still have them all to sort through :-)


  1. Congrats on the win! You are very BeaWootiful Kayla!
    We found you through Dughallmor Beagles (Snoop!) We will be watching for more great wins!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  2. Hi Kayla, thank you for visiting our blog - you are beautiful. None of us are show pups but Mom still thinks we are pretty special. Congratulations to you on your win. We are going to come back to visit more.

    Woos, the OP Pack