Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Our First Husky Race

This weekend saw our first rally as competitors. Me and dad entered the one dog scooter class. We had only been training for distances of a mile and a half as mum had been told that was the usual scooter distance. Much to our shock it was decided to use the same 3.6 mile trail as the bigger dog teams were running.

On Saturday me and dad took 3rd place behind huskies who had rather fitter mushers who are more used to running than poor Dad, they finished only 3 minutes behind the leader and Dad said he had held me back a bit worrying that maybe the distance was too long for me.

Sunday Mum and Dad considered maybe not running me for the second day as I had already been run harder than I had been used to. Mum and Dad decided to see how I was at the start line and if I didn't seem keen we would scratch her from the race. They need not have worried as I was screaming with excitement and me and Dad managed to finish second on a trail which was wetter and harder work on the second day. We finished only a minute or so after the winner which was a fantastic achievement.

Mum and Dad are so proud of me and say for a little dog I have such a big heart and such determination and we are all very excited for our next rally at the end of November.

Mum says as racing people think my breeders breed dog's who are not good runners that a lot of people were surprised at how good Iwas. Oh and mum survived camping in the caravan with no electricity, hairdryer or hair straighteners hahahaha. Mum is high maintenance and does not like roughing it heheh.

The photos were take by George Michie http://www.georgemichie.co.uk and we have also changed our website address to http://kohoutek.weebly.com/

Kohoutek is our chosen kennel name which has been provisionally approved by the Kennel Club.


  1. Woo look like khwite the happy girrrrrlz!


  2. Oops sorry think I may have rejected rather an accepted some comments. Sorry pressed wrong button!

  3. Excellent work (or fun). It is so fun to run like the wind.

  4. Wooos! Way cool Kayla! When I was young I loved doing that, now Mom limits me to only 1 mile, due to my age... but still way fun!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  5. That looks like such FUN! Congratulations on doing so well!
    PS: I think my mom would have a hard time with the camping thing, too. :)

  6. Kayla, we so envy all the fun you are having. YOu look so happy there. And of course, you are just so beautiful.

    Woos, the OP Pack