Monday, 9 November 2009

My weekend of showing and new friends

Well was a busy weekend for us. Friday I was at the groomers to make me even more beautiful and then we had a few hours journey to stay with some fellow husky friends of mum's. There were 2 very very naughty husky boys there they kept erm er trying to hump me. It was quite hard work fending them off when both were trying it at same time! They also have a cat um yum yum so the weekend involved lots of hiding the cat from me (and mum wonders why I wouldn't eat my kibble dinner harrumph)

To keep the peace after a while they were shut outside and I stayed in the living room with the humans. Apparently they all thought I was such a lovely quiet girl (they really don't know me hahahaha). I am not used to spending lots of time with young children but the children there were very well behaved and respectful to me. I got lots and lots of cuddles especially from the little girl Emma (she says she loves me). While everyone was chatting and me sleeping there was a big bang that scared everyone. The humans thought it wasa firework coming through the window but it turned out to be a baloon hahahahha. The children then got out the remaining balloons for me to play with. I entertained them padding it till it flew up in the air and bounced it like a basketball ( I am so clever) then I chased the children round the living room to get the balloon back. Sadly after a while my paw was a bit heavy on them and I burst it. Was a shame as we all were having so much fun and the children were so happy as there boys won't play with balls and things.

Saturday was the Scottish Husky Club Open Show. It isn't one of my favourites as it is in a small hall and very noisy when other dogs are howling and I am trying to sleep. As mum has whiplash she had to ask the judge if she could stand me and if my breeder could do all our running in the ring as if I pulled on the lead it would hurt mum's arm. Luckily the judge was a nice lady and said this was fine. Well it got complicated as my breeder was in the ring with his boy in a class. The judge split our class into 2 and ran the first dogs, then someone held my breeder's dog while he ran with me, then he went back to his dog. Eventually it came to my turn for the judge to go over me and run me alone so she said for all dogs to relax while we waited for my breeder. We had to wait ages and I fell asleep and mum was just so embarrassed at holding up the class so long. eventually I got a 4th place and mum was pleased especially as we had caused so much trouble hehehe. My new husky friends and our breeder all did well too so it was a good day for everyone.

Sunday was the Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Association of Scotland Championship show. This one was a really really long day. Again mum had to ask the judge if she could stand me and my breeder run me. Again the judge kindly said yes. the judge was very nice, at the moment I get very bored at shows when I just have to stand and I wouldn't look at her so she fed me some treats :-) I love the trotting and showing off bit although I kept looking for mum and wondering why she wasn't running me. Eventually after the judge deliberated a lot and asked the ages of me and another bitch she got first and I got second. Mum was very proud and pleased and the judge said the only shame was that I didn't have an interested expression (mum says she needs to find something other than food to take in the ring as I just stare at her hand and don't look interested in the judge or in being there). Our breeder got best bitch and my new husky friends also did well too.

Mum thinks it was a good weekend and that it was so much more fun staying with people rathern than a hotel and I miss my new friend Emma. She rang her mum at the show to see if I was coming back to their house. Mum is waiting for her mum to send a picture she took of us sleeping on the floor together.


  1. Yum!


    Woo had khwite the weekend!

    Boys! What khads!

    Khongrats on your shows/etc!


  2. You do look beautiful in your picture!

  3. Wooos Congrats on doing so well in the ring, I too get bored in the ring, if it wasn't for the cheese I do not think I would be there at all. Woo are very beawoootiful !
    -Kira The (also)BeaWootiful

  4. Well, you really can't BLAME those guys.... I mean..... you're SO gorgeous!!!
    Congrats on your placements!
    Play bows,