Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Mum's weekend adventure

Well mum decided to desert us and dad to go to a Siberian Husky Breed Seminar to learn more about us! She took dad's Land Rover as she was going to do a favour and deliver someone's broken husky racing rig for someone who was going to be at the seminar to fix! Well mum had barely left home before the clutch broke on the car as she was overtaking a bus! It took 2 hours for the recovery man to go and rescue her and dad had to hire her another car to do the drive!

Mum says she had a lovely weekend at the seminar. The nice lady who had organised the seminar kindly invited mum to stay at her house the night before. Mum was really nervous as she didn't really know they lady and the championship judge was doing the seminar and some other husky experts were all staying too. Mum suffers from anxiety so was scared it might be a difficult weekend.

However it turned out to be just the opposite. Saturday was a lovely barbeque and mum got to meet all the dogs (including some that had run in previous Iditarod races) and here lots of stories about trips to Alaska to visit the famous Seppala kennels etc. She was also given lots of useful advice and for her future planned huskies (not all of the advice will be taken though lol)

Mum really enjoyed the seminar it covered our breed history and went over the breed standard and the reasons behind it. After the presentation everyone got to be hands on with a few other huskies to go over them like judges do to see what was good and bad about them. Mum said it was a lot to take in and she probably didn't grasp everything but when she has more time she will get her notes and pictures out and make me and Skye stand so she can go over us and tell us what is good and bad about us!

Wish mum had taken me to play with all those other huskies!


  1. Sounds like mum had a fun time despite the car dilemma. Too bad you couldn't have gone too, playing with a bunch of huskies would have been so pawesome.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  2. I bet she took lots of notes...

    I bet woo will look to chew most of them up!

    Sorry about the khlutch...


  3. Wooos! That would be cool to go to a Husky seminar, my Mom just goes to training seminars.... how boring is that. I hope she had fun andlearned a lot
    -Kira The Beawootiful

  4. That sounds great - except to the vehicle breaking down!
    Did she take pictures for us to see?!
    Tail wags,

  5. Sadly mum didn't take her camera and she said it was such an intense day there was no time to take photos.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time and made some new friends :D Shame about the car though!
    Hey.....your Sibe friends are our Sibe friends too, cool!
    Slobbers xx