Sunday, 30 August 2009

Busy couple of weeks!

Apologies for not posting and indeed not looking at all your lovely blogs. Life has been fairly busy here the last few weeks. Mum was working late shifts too which did not help her enthusiasm for getting me on here.

Anyway last weekend and this weekend we were showing. Last Sunday was Scottish Siberian Husky Club Championship show. Mum was a bit disappointed I got 3rd our of 4 in Mid Limit class. I wasn't much in the mood for showing Skye had stayed at grans the night before and didn't come with me :-( Much as she is a right grumpy old thing I missed my sis :-( Also the show was indoors and it made me grumpy with other dogs. Mum was really nervous (she was nearly sick before we went in the ring hehehe). However the bitch who took first in my class got the Bitch CC and Best in Show so hey I was up against good company. None of our breeders dogs did well so again not a great day for us.

Mum and dad have been off work on holiday this week so lots of company for us this week no time alone. Dad has American cousins over so we spent time with them sightseeing and stuff. We went up to Applecross on the West Coast which was lovely and a drive that made mum need clean underwear ahahahahahahahaha!

Yesterday was another long drive to Edinburgh for the Scottish Kennel Club Championship show. I had a lovely day, again no Skye and I missed her but I was in a good mood and loved all the other dogs I met. I love the outdoor shows so much more than indoor ones so I had a big husky smile and a spring in my step.

Again I didn't win, I got 4th place in the Limit Class. Mum was a bit disappointed at first but our breeder was really proud. She said now that we are moving into the big classes against the really good competition that 4th in that class is a step up from my wins in other classes and that mum should be dead proud. The humans were all laughing something about the judge looking at ladies breasts more than at their dogs. Didn't understand it myself ( I mean how coudl anyone find something mor einteresting than me to look at) but they found it hilarious and mum was muttering about wishing she had some chicken fillets to put in her bra!

After my class I got to play with Logan a lovely male husky who belongs to a friend of my mums. He was really hard work I tried everything to make him play, he got a bit grumpy and told me off! Mum was proud that instead of going at him I submitted and just looked cute. Eventually he played with me although apparently he wanted to be more of a erm lover than a playmate. Another bitch came along and I played with her too. Mum says she is really proud that I was a really good girl and that me submitting to other huskies and playing nicely made her so proud. Even a bitch that I usually hate couldn't spoil my mood I couldn't be bothered to be grumpy with her today and just ignored her.

Oh mum is so happy at the moment. She bought her dream car this week an MGF convertible sports car (an old one). She says I can't go in it though which I am not too happy about.

Well that's all for now mum has lots of housework to do hehehhehe.


  1. You're the number one Sibe in all of Scotland as far as we're concerned! Ha rooooooo!
    Play bows,
    PS: You'd look awesome in a convertible. Just for the record.

  2. Why khan't woo ride in the khar?

    That is wrong!

    Tank woo fur sharing all the fun woo've been having!

    I would love to play with woo!


  3. Sounds like you have been very busy, Kayla. Congrats on your wins - you look beautiful to us.

    We would love to play with you too, no grumpy boys here.

    woos, the OP Pack

  4. Woos Kayla, you have been a busy girl, congrats on doing so well showing, I don't think I could do it...
    WOOs, for getting to play with other Huskys. I never see any here in the deep south...I have never got to play with another....
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  5. Aw Kira that's so sad. Husky play is the most fun ever. Come to Scotland for a holiday and you can meet my other husky friends.