Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Hello from Talia

Big sis Kayla said I could come and introduce myself to you all. My new mam and dad came to my breeder on Saturday to stay and meet me. I have lived in the kennel with my mum since being born so have not spent that much time in the house. Kayla was left outside and I came in to get cuddles from my new mum and dad. I made them giggle a lot by being cute :-) I didn't get to stay in too long before my breeder put me back with my mum so that Kayla could come in and the adults could all have a beer or two.

Kayla and my dad Zak apparently fell in love on Saturday night and played together all evening and then cuddled up together to sleep for the night.

On Sunday Kayla, Zak and the mums and dads all went out to a show, apparently getting there was very difficult due to a lot of heavy snow. Zak took first place in the class, another bitch bred by my breeder took second and Kayla took 3rd (she hasn't had much showing practice recently so mum was just pleased she walked on a lead).

They all came back at lunchtime for a cup of tea and to picked me up to take me to my new home. My breeder cried as she said goodbye to me. I was a very good girl on our long trip home, I didn't pee, puke or poo on mum (apparently Kayla did a lot of that when they picked her up as a pup). Kayla was in her crate (so she could just get used to the smell of me) and I was cuddled on mum's lap. I refused to go to sleep the whole 8 hour journey I poked my nose at Kayla to say hello and tried to climb and explore everything in the car (mum said I was like a wriggly worm).

We reached my new home at 9.30 pm and my other big sister Skye came back from gran's and they came to meet me. I was really excited and wanted to explore my new house. Kayla is a great sister she was a bit jealous on Sunday night but by Monday we were great friends. She is happy to play chase and wrestle with me and even lets me cuddle up to her a bit :-) Big sister Skye doesn't like me at all :-( She growls every time she sees me and snarls if I go up to say hello. Luckily Kayla comes over if Skye is grumpy with me to tell her to behave and I sit and bark at grumpy Skye heheheheeh.

I like my new home and have had fun in the snow and fun nipping mum and dad's feet and making them yelp hehehehehe. Can't wait till I am allowed to go out for walks and also looking forward to the first humans that will come visit and cuddle me.


  1. Welkhome Home Khutie!

    We've been waiting to meet woo fur khwite some time now!



  2. How adorable!!!! Welcome to your new home, sweetie pie!

    a-roos to yous,

    jack a-roo

  3. Woo - cuteness overload. Welcome home, little one.

  4. Welcome to your new home, Talia - you are so cute. Mom wants one of you too. We know with time Skye will come to love you too.

    Wishes to you and the family for a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  5. WOO Talia, welcome home!! Woo are so cute, Skye will come around soon. Woo are furry cute and can't wait to get to know woo better. It will be fun to watch woo grow up!

    WOOOOO woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe